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Say No to STRESS

Stress creates unhealthy biological reactions, and prolonged stress can lead to both physical and mental health breakdowns.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a bit
like an 'owners manual'
for your brain!

Facts about Stress that YOU need to know

Up to 5 million people in the UK feel “very” or “extremely” stressed by their work; and work-related stress costs British society about £3.7 billion every year. - From Carol Hymovitz article in WSJ Career Journal.

Stress and chronic ill health in the workplace costs £100bn
- Dame Carole Black, ISMA Conference

In 2009/2010 an estimated 9.8 million working days were lost through work-related stress. On average each person suffering from work-related stress took an estimated 22.6 days off
- from HSE

The New England Journal of Medicine went so far as to declare that "managing the long-term effects of the physiological responses to stress is critical to survival."

Stress may contribute to 85 percent of all medical problems.

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