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Say No to STRESS

Stress creates unhealthy biological reactions, and prolonged stress can lead to both physical and mental health breakdowns.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a bit
like an 'owners manual'
for your brain!

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I learnt of Becki's service at a time in my life where I felt as if I was sat stationary at a large crossroad with nothing to lose and everything to gain. A potentially very exciting time yet something was missing and therefore preventing me from making the next steps forward.

Over a series of sessions, Becki helped me identify the important areas of my life whether they be personal or professional and what I could do to get the best from them. It all seemed so simple yet took quite a lot of self discovery to achieve. The sessions were informal and relaxed and I was made to feel very at ease when talking about certain areas of my life.

Through agreeing a set of small, non time consuming tasks and sticking to a 'report back email' deadline, Becki helped me to help myself take small steps forward to improve my day to day life, my career path and general well being and attitude. It is a few months down the line now and I have a successful job that challenges me with great potential for the future. I feel I really benefited from my sessions as it did me really good to take the time out to have a good look at myself with Becki's trained eye to guide me to the right courses of action. Insightful, Interesting, Impressive and Invaluable!

Sara, Dorset - Events Co-ordinator

I began working with Becki a couple of years ago because although from the outside I had everything that most people would want- Great friends and family, beautiful house, a highly successful business and as much money as I ever needed, I wasn't happy. In fact I had become the most unhappy that I had been in my life. I never seemed to have enough of the one commodity that money couldn't buy- Time.

Working with Becki has without exaggeration been the single best thing that has ever happened to me. I have learnt higher levels of accountability along with accepting that my reality is entirely self-created. She has helped me on my journey to find my true purpose which is the single answer to happiness. The work she has done with me has put me in a position where I am able to thrive regardless of what situations present themselves in my life.

Recently, I have been involved in a legal dispute that to most people would be described as incredibly stressful, however thanks to the work I have done with Becki, I have managed to (in the most part!) remain focused and objective about the situation and therefore allow me to deal with it in the most positive way.

Becki is so fantastic at her job because she genuinely cares. She sees it as her own crusade to help people help themselves and attacks this challenge with a huge amount of positive energy along with a great sense of humour and verve.

She is a truly wonderful person who is changing the world one person at a time and I am eternally grateful that I have had and continue to have the privilege of working closely with her.

BW - Managing Director

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