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Say No to STRESS

Stress creates unhealthy biological reactions, and prolonged stress can lead to both physical and mental health breakdowns.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a bit
like an 'owners manual'
for your brain!

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“I've been working with Becki for over a year now and I have grown to be a goal orientated, clear visioned person who takes time to evaluate every situation with a broader mind. This has helped me immensely with my career. I am a trader, trading world financial markets. With Becki's help I've been transformed from a nervous and disconnected trader to a cool calm and collected person whilst I'm in the 'zone' trading. I can't put in words how much this has helped. Becki has reprogrammed my mind to accept losses as lessons and take winners with a mere pat on the back. I have gained invaluable learning's over the last year from Becki and I happily recommend her to anyone searching for clarity in all aspects of life. Thank you Becki Houlston.”

M.F Equities Executive

“I started working with Becki when I returned to competing full time. Within golf Becki has helped me with practical strategies to deal with the anxieties I was feeling on the course, helped shape my beliefs about my game and massively improved the way I set goals. Off the course (but the two are very much connected!) Becki has been a constant support for me, helping me deal with any issues that I may have had and more importantly showing me ways to better understand myself and how I create my own path in life. The past two years have thrown some difficult challenges my way with injuries, but Becki has helped me make sure that these have been overcome and that I've managed to take the learning’s from these experiences and focus on my performance. I can't speak highly enough of the information and support that Becki has given me.”

Ben Welch – Golf Professional

“Becki and I met for a series of life coaching sessions. This was a period of change in my life and the focus she provided was invaluable. With her energy, motivation, and 'can do' attitude she was able to provide practical methods of support and techniques for self-development. I finished the sessions feeling empowered and focused on the decisions that lay ahead. I would have no hesitation in employing her services again in the future or in recommending her to others”

David, Australia - QLD

“I am a young woman who, because of a life threatening illness, was thrown into the challenge of taking her life back. I have tried all sorts of different alternative therapies and also a few incompetent psychologists, who managed to rake my little world up so violently, that it by no means helped in any way at all the acknowledge the fact that I too was also a fantastic person with lots of possibilities.

In all honesty, I really tried so hard but ended up by repeating the same old destructive patterns. It was also the same with regard to nearly every aspect of my life. My family, my daughter, my social relationships, relationships with men I was in my own very narrow and limited cul-de-sac that didn'thave any RED LIGHTS saying 'Wrong Way'. No, I was alone with my very inadequate and confused navagation system.

I contacted Becki, it really was a journey ,every time and, I was always filled with a sensation that I did possess the possibilities of taking back my own power - the power to my own life. I found it fascinating, that this possibility had always been right in front of me - I just hadn't recognised it! In each and every session my words were placed into a frame, like a picture, and I was asked to find new things and colours in the 'picture'. What did I want to do? What was it that stopped me? I was guided out so I could see the different angles and, again, the wonderful discovery that it was me who could choose what I did or did not want. Amazing. After each session I was given an exercise to work on until the next appointment. I could always get in touch between times to report the results of the different assignments. I couldn't just talk anymore - I was forced to act on my words. Scary but very effective. If I was doubtful - Becki was no further away than an e-mail with yet another clue for me.

The different exercises were hard in the beginning but, after a while, a new thought pattern started to seep through. Things became easier, the bad destructive choices were replaced with the new - because my barriers and limitations, goals and acknowledgement of worth had been seen and now recognised with great results.

Today, at last, I have more freedom. I am still on my exciting journey - the difference being that I now want it and have the necessary courage to achieve it. I am now the happy, smiling, serious person who also appreciates herself more. I am also enjoying my life far more than I did for just 6 months ago. I don't have those constant negative emotions or create conflicts when I simply choose me. It is not necessary anymore, because my decisions and choices are taken in a calm manner. I have also discovered that I can use my full potential again - positively and with all the possibilities I require.”

Anne, Denmark - Civil Servant

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